Sharing Beauty

The other day I was on the train heading home and I noticed the sunset against the London skyline out the window of the train. It was amazing. I took out my iPhone and stood up to take some photos. Given that we were moving, buildings would suddenly enter the frame of the photo, so, it took several attempts before i was satisfied I had captured the dynamic contrast and colours and the stunning majesty of the tableau out of the window.

When I first had stood up in the aisle, and aimed my phone, I had exclaimed out loud, to myself, how wonderful the colours were. How beautiful the sunset was. How truly exquisite the sight. I’m used to speaking to myself. It comes naturally and I don’t mind how it appears to others. But there was a definite sense of discomfort from those around me on the train. Glances that said ‘not the done thing’. Eyes lowered to avoid looking at the odd woman standing in the aisle getting a bit overexcited about the ordinary.

But then I noticed the two young women opposite me were turning to look out the window. And a passenger in the next seating block looked out and murmured something to his travelling companion. Then one of the young women took out her phone and snapped a photo, as did the young man. And as the train bumped along I kept clicking away wanting to somehow preserve the preciousness of the glorious scene before me. As I caught myself from being jostled, the passenger in the seat next to me smiled and looking around I noticed that about half of the carriage were now looking out at the sunset and many were taking photos with their phones.

Returning to my seat I was enormously grateful for a perfect finish to the day.