Crop Circles

As I stand on the ridge way looking down at the field where the crop circle lay, I feel them. There are many of them here and they seem to be all around, not just over there where the barley was pushed and bent and patterned into a precise, mathematical shape. I’m very familiar with the feeling of them. As we stand looking down at the field I say to my friend and guide, ‘They’re here. I can feel them all around.’ With the words comes a cascade of visual sense memory. Many, many times in my life when I had known them to be present. In fact, from such an early age, that I hadn’t yet started to wonder who or what or where they actually were. I just knew that if I needed comfort I could ask for it and they would comfort me. A warm sensation of arms around me and quietness and safety would permeate my body and my feelings. And if I felt lonely I could talk to them without words and they would listen and council me when needed. As a child I often needed this. (more…)

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