Emotional Intelligence

tulipsI have a successful practice based in London and Lewes. My client base draws primarily from the Media industry, as well as City and business executives. I work mainly on a one to one basis, but also do group work, company work and teach courses. I tailor my sessions to suit the specifics of each client’s situation, progress and pace through new techniques. I specialise in crossroads. Having pulled myself up out of an emotional divorce, struggled with being a single parent and changed my career direction post motherhood, I’ve learned from experience that anything we set our mind to, is truly possible. When people have reached a stage in their professional or personal development where they have stalled, crashed, or are in need of taking a major decision or new direction, I mentor them through.

  • Corporate integrity and honesty
  • Writer’s block
  • Fear of interviews or auditions
  • Inability to close deals
  • Lack of leadership success
  • Realisation of political goals

are all areas I have been able to facilitate tangible major breakthroughs. On the personal side I have supported clients towards

  • Nurturing oneself
  • Attracting new relationships
  • Awakening old, ongoing relationships
  • Loving completion of intimate relationships
  • Mediation, and building sustainable dialogue
  • Reestablishing healthy communication between parents & children, regardless of age

In my mentoring work I use a combination of practical exercises, heart/mind process work, guided visualization, deep relaxation techniques and an intuitive alternative to hypnosis. You will learn to shed old destructive patterns and embrace a healthy attitude and behaviour.

Steps to Leadership

yellowflowersIn addition to my private practice, I facilitate a foundation training course for people wanting to acquire a comprehesive toolbox for working through life’s many challenges. The course is based on the groundbreaking work of Chuck and Lency Spezzano. Master trainer Jeff Allen has designed a step by step programme, which is easy to access and assimilate. The course gives people the understanding and knowledge to deal with their problems, to help their friends and family deal with theirs, and in doing so find their own happiness and success. The course also serves as a cutting edge grounding for any work in education, psychological counseling, motivational training and life coaching. This transformational course is structured in 3 parts which deal with the 3 layers of the mind – conscious, subconscious & unconscious. It enables you to build a solid foundation in communication skills, emotional intelligence, relationship dynamics, physical health, environmental responsibility, problem solving, conflict resolution and coping with stress and burnout. The in-depth study into the map of the mind and emotions presents you with the opportunity to:

  • Create a lasting quantum paradigm shift in consciousness that effects your entire life.
  • Understand the patterns and blocks to fulfillment in all areas of your life and learn tools and techniques to transcend them.
  • Build the confidence to work with others with trust and integrity.
  • Let go of old wounds and habits that have repeatedly sabotaged your life.
  • Resolve power struggles and authority conflicts both at work and in the family.
  • Develop your ability to freely access the creative unconscious mind.
  • Examine these dynamics in a safe, supportive, confidential and lighthearted environment.
  • Open your heart to your true potential and purpose in relationship to your world.

The programme is made up of 30 modules; 27 three hour modules and 3 workshops. Included in the price of the workshop, you also receive 2 private 1-hour coaching sessions to clear blocks in specific problem areas.

Find more information on the Steps to Leadership course or the Social & Emotional Learning programme for schools