Constantly Creating

When my two boys were quite young I started working through The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. What a pleasure that was. Soon enough I was writing in a journal everyday, seeing artistry in everything life brought me and expressing myself all over the place. I started making pottery, painting tables, chairs, walls, making videos of my kids and our life, taking photographs. I joined a storytelling/dance troupe performing Wisdom Tales to large audiences of children and those who still yearn for the art of live multimedia performance. Everything became an excuse to be artistic. To create. To express my unique perspective on this world filled with endless pauses and delights.

Here in these pages I will share with you some of my past expressions and some of the current expressions that develop in the days of here and now. You are welcome to contact me to commission a piece if you fancy. Or simply enjoy what you see on the screen.

Mostly, I wish for you all an expansion of your own creative juiciness. A willingness to embrace life at it’s fullest and create everything you want for your life; love, appreciation, laughter and abundance.



While I was at the Mind Body Spirit Show in May 2011, I was approached by Danny Shine to participate in his ‘Instant Enlightenment’ offer. This video is a hilarious recording of our encounter. Enjoy!