Pink Clouds and Scones

I’ve spent most of the day opening my heart to the agony of another final chapter. I can feel the desperate reluctance as I gently insist. “It’s going to cease. At some point. As long as we courageously enter the whirlpool, this will pass. We will be sucked down, that’s just the way it is. And momentarily we will believe we’ll drown. But remember the truth and it will set us free. Out of the swirling chaos suddenly there is peace. All it wants, is to be felt.”

I don’t know how it happens, I just know it happens. I simply need to remember. And surrender. And trust. All the while opening to the shredding of my dream.

The second agreement: Don’t take anything personally. (more…)

Seeing Love

You were standing there.

Amidst all the movement and music and madness.

You were standing.

Still. Pulsing. Silent.

And I couldn’t help noticing.


Crop Circles

As I stand on the ridge way looking down at the field where the crop circle lay, I feel them. There are many of them here and they seem to be all around, not just over there where the barley was pushed and bent and patterned into a precise, mathematical shape. I’m very familiar with the feeling of them. As we stand looking down at the field I say to my friend and guide, ‘They’re here. I can feel them all around.’ With the words comes a cascade of visual sense memory. Many, many times in my life when I had known them to be present. In fact, from such an early age, that I hadn’t yet started to wonder who or what or where they actually were. I just knew that if I needed comfort I could ask for it and they would comfort me. A warm sensation of arms around me and quietness and safety would permeate my body and my feelings. And if I felt lonely I could talk to them without words and they would listen and council me when needed. As a child I often needed this. (more…)

Tending Desire

We met for tea, in the Japanese garden. There’s something deeply peaceful in the manicured beauty of the ponds and plants. In the Japanese garden beauty stands regal, majestic and graceful. Allowing you to appreciate it’s subtle exquisite perfection. Inviting you to recognise the abundant nurturing the gardener gives to creating harmony with nature. The ordered refinement of the garden soothes, calms, and revitalizes, allowing life energy to flow freely. An elegant dance. (more…)

Sharing Beauty

The other day I was on the train heading home and I noticed the sunset against the London skyline out the window of the train. It was amazing. I took out my iPhone and stood up to take some photos. Given that we were moving, buildings would suddenly enter the frame of the photo, so, it took several attempts before i was satisfied I had captured the dynamic contrast and colours and the stunning majesty of the tableau out of the window. (more…)

Embodying Passion

I’ve been getting up at 5 am and pulling on a pair of shorts ‚ unusual in England to have it warm enough to wear shorts at that hour‚ and taking myself out the door and up the road. Within 10 minutes I’m walking along the beautiful Sussex Downs. The scent of the Elderberry blossom is thick in the air. I can almost taste the sweet gentle bouquet in my mouth as I walk along. Horse droppings add an earthy counterpoint. The chunks of flint scattered across the pathway require attention as I step energetically into the next moment. I notice the sun shining through the occasional cloud cover and the little white farmers cottage sitting regally in the middle of the far hillside. My approach startles a bird from the Hawthorn tree overhanging the path. I breathe rhythmically and deeply. (more…)

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